Animated TV Series


TV Series

Sunrise Animation Studio have years of experiences in terms of producing animation TV series. By using lively and novelty artistic animations to ingeniously feature short stories about life, moral lessons and humanistic messages about love for mankind, the TV programs produced by Sunrise Media have won a lot of love from the audiences. Here are some our most successful TV series:

  • Gifts of Life: The program has been broadcasted on VTV3 channel – the highest rating channel in Vietnam – since August 2009. It is a completely new and artistic type of TV series in Vietnam, Through 5-minute animated movies, “Gifts of Life” inspires the audiences with short stories about life, which are featured by their moral lessons and humanistic messages about love for mankind.
  • Quotes and Life: With only 90 seconds in length, this program is not only featured by unique animation form, but also famous quotes about life, through which people might have chance to look back at what they’ve done, to treasure memories, to reappraise themselves and to find out where they are in this busy life. This series is also aired in prime time on a national TV channel – VTV1, drawing attention of people all over the country.
  • Wonderful Moments: This program is like a melodious love song that helps you relax, learn and reappraise yourself. That “song” is about all types of relationships between people such as father and son, teacher and students, friends and men and women, etc., showing people how to behave humanely. “Wonderful Moments” is considered as as one of the best programs HTV7, the hottest channel Southern Vietnam. With meaningful plots, the program appeals to not only TV viewers but also a huge amount of Youtube’s viewers.
  • Laugh Your Stress Away: This program is where people can find the most hilarious but meaningful moments on TV. Each show is a different funny story about every aspect of life, wittily delivered to the audience in 2 main segments: Animated Breaking News and Comedy Sketch. The show is also broadcasted on VTV3 – the highest rating TV channel in Vietnam.

Sunrise Animation Studio can help you to produce high quality TV series by providing full service from script, storyboard, animatic, concept design, modelling, animation to lighting & rendering, compositing, audio and editing.